Energy Efficiency

Storm Protection Upgrades

Having windows replaced can not only provide security for your home, it can also add value to your home while lowering your energy costs. If your windows are more than 15 years old, you may want to consider the benefits of replacements and curb the sky-rocketing energy bills. Old windows can not only sag your frames, they can jam and become difficult to open.


Is Your Home Ready?

During a violent storm, the most vulnerable parts of your home are the openings: windows and doors. For people who live in areas that experience severe storms, protecting your home means protecting what are probably your most valuable assets your home and your family.


Glass is Important

The glass you purchase for the inside and outside of your home has the potential to boost the quality of life for those living inside! Keeping energy efficiency, comfort and design in mind we offer a large selection of glass including, laminated, insulated and laminated insulated glass. These options contribute to a reduction in indoor energy use as well as lower cooling and heating costs!

Glass, the Weakest link

Hurricanes are a constant threat to our homes. Impact windows and doors are the best protection against storms. The heavy duty aluminum frame with double glazed panes mke theese windows much more energy efficient. Impact windows have incredible insulating capabilties, helping to keep interior spaces protected from outside weather changes while also factoring in to savings on your utility bills!


Go Green and Save