Nano Tint Technology


With a continued commitment to creating a positive impact, we find new opportunities for energy innovation because we believe that to change the world, you have to lead the way.

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    Blocks up to 99.9% of UV Rays

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    Blocks up to 85% of Infrared Rays

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    Maintains up to 80% visible light transmittance

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    Reduces seasonal heating/cooling costs

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    Cost effective & environmentally friendly


Nano tint technology is proven to protect against harmful infrared and ultraviolet parts of light that create heat and damage. Infrared and UV’s are not visible to the eye, making this technology even more powerful.

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    Easy application by custom paint roller or HVLP sprayer

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    Can be applied on top of or under window film

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    Fully cures in 14 days

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    Zero off gassing when fully cured

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    10 Year Warranty


Treating your windows with this advanced Nano Tint technology has great benefits for your home. Keeping it cool in the summer by protecting your windows and warm in the winter by keeping the heat in is not only energy efficient but comfortable & cozy!

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    Commercial glass

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    Residential glass

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    Glass manufacturing

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    Polycarbonate materials

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Case Studies


Client: Malibu Home (Private Client)

Product Used: Liquid Nanotint

Challenge: Protecting the hardwood floors and furniture from harmful UV and IR rays.

Solution: Liquid Nanotint was applied to all windows and applied to both sides of important rooms such as the main bedroom wanting to preserve the hardwood floors and linen.


Client: Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Product Used: Liquid Nanotint

Challenge: Hospital entrance was susceptible to a dangerous amount of heat due to its east facing windows.

Solution: Liquid Nanotint was applied to the windows; blocking harmful UV and IR rays and keeping the heat out. The building was covered from three different sides giving it total protection.


Client: Texas National Guard

Product Used: Liquid NanoTint

Challenge: Recruitment centers in Weatherford and Terrell, TX were experiencing extremely hot room temperatures due to uninsulated single-pane glass.

Solution: Liquid NanoTint was applied to the single-pane windows in order to increase the building’s energy conservation efforts while not sacrificing visible transmittance.

Go Green and Save

Guaranteed To Last

Liquid NanoTint 2.0 is a technologically advanced high quality product which is durable  and maintenance free unlike  old-fashioned solutions such as window tinting or double glazing. Once professionally installed, it won’t discolour, crack, bubble or peel. We stand by our product and include a 10-year peace of mind guarantee.


Easy Installation

Liquid NanoTint 2.0 is easy to install. All our  professional and applicators can complete a full installation in most homes within a day! There are no messy renovations or hidden costs. NanoTint 2.0 takes 2 weeks to cure but you’ll experience the improvement immediately!


Once installed Liquid NanoTint 2.0 keeps you comfortable  while preventing solar damage in your home and minimising ongoing maintenance . Enjoy the comfort of your home  without wasting  time fixing or replacing things you love and being bothered with the hassle of  having to shutters and awnings up and down.

Smarter For All Spaces

Windows are the biggest cause of heat gain and loss. Liquid NanoTint 2.0 can immediately solve this problem in most buildings. Liquid NanoTint 2.0 is the perfect solution for apartments especially where it is impossible to retrofit air conditioners to control extreme temperatures.


Smarter For The FutureBuilding new power plants takes years and is extremely expensive and contributes to environmental degradation. Liquid NanoTint 2.0 provides a smart solution to reducing electricity demand by tackling the problem at the source – reducing heat from entering buildings and thereby reducing our energy consumption. This is definitely a smarter, quicker, cheaper, and more effective solution for our future.


Environmental Care

Reducing energy consumption lowers  use of our natural resources and less air pollution, preserving our natural resources  for future generations. As Liquid NanoTint 2.0 doesn’t require energy to run it is a fantastic  solution for homes wanting to live off the grid.