Liquid NanoTint®

Solar Control Glass Coating

My Sun Grid Liquid NanoTint is a solar control coating ideal for single-pane glass and polycarbonate surfaces. Applied like a paint, Liquid NanoTint is capable of blocking 99.9% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays, up to 85% of Infrared (IR) rays and maintaining up to 80% Visible Light Transmission(VLT).

Reduces heat penetration through windows, decreasing air conditioning needs in the summer
Reduces heat loss through windows, diminishing heating needs in the winter
Reduces the impact UVs have on materials and valuables inside a building

The impact is a 10°F to 20°F variation in ambient temperature in optimal conditions.

  • 0%

of Ultraviolet (UV) rays blocked

  • 0%

of Infrared (IR) rays blocked

  • 0%

Visible Light Transmittance


  • Commercial glass

  • Residential glass

  • Glass manufacturing

  • Polycarbonate materials

  • Skylights


  • Protects wood, upholstery & merchandise from sun damage

  • Reduces seasonal heating/cooling costs

  • Cost effective

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Easy application by custom paint roller

  • Can be applied on top of or under window film

  • Fully cures in 14 days=Zero off gassing when fully cured


  • 1KG: 430 ft2 (37m2)

  • 20KG: 8,600 ft2 (800m2)


The specially formulated NanoTint coating blocks up to 99.9% of ultra-violet
(UV) light and absorbs up to 85% of Infra-Red (IR) light on the window, while
still allowing for up to 80% visible light transmission.

Liquid NanoTint is a 2-component solution that, once mixed, has a pot life of 2 hours. The mixed solution is applied with a high-density foam roller. For each designated coating area the mixed solution must be applied evenly within approximately 4 minutes from start to finish. For more detailed information, please consult the application instructions for My sun Grid Liquid NanoTint.

My Sun Grid® recommends coating the interior surface of a glass. Interior
environmental conditions are more easily controlled resulting in optimum
clarity and uniformity of the final fully cured coating.

Yes, My Sun Grid® recommends application at a temperature between 41-95°F (5-35°C) and relative humidity 70% or less. Air circulation should be minimized to mitigate contamination in the form of dust and dirt during the application process and for at least the initial 60 minutes time.

Each high-density foam roller used will absorb and retain 30 grams of Liquid
NanoTint solution. In addition to these initial 30 grams, every additional 30
grams of Liquid NanoTint solution will cover an area of 1m2 (10ft2).

All obvious dirt and contaminants should be removed with a paper towel.
Masking materials should be used to protect adjacent surfaces and window
fixtures. My Sun Grid® LNT Glass Primer is then used to clean the surface.
For more detailed information, please consult the Standard Operating
Procedure for My Sun Grid Liquid NanoTint.

One person can coat approximately 2m2 (21ft2) before encountering
application challenges.

Not at this time. Consult My Sun Grid if you have another suggested process.

Similar to a household paint, there is an initial odor that lasts about 4 hours. We recommend vacating the premises during the application for a minimum of 4 hours. Once the coating has fully cured, no off gassing occurs as validated by independent third party testing. This documentation is available upon request.

As with any material being used in the workplace or home, please refer to label for safety precautions. More detailed information is provided in the My Sun Grid® Liquid NanoTint Safety Data Sheet which includes safe handling, storage, personal protective equipment, and disposal procedures.


There is a warranty on this product. What is covered in this warranty is available upon request.

Yes, after it has fully cured for 14 days. Abrasive materials should be avoided.

Abrasion of the coating is possible. It is important to remember that the coating is only as sound as the substrate. If a material will abrade glass, it will abrade the Liquid NanoTint Coating.

Are you an owner or manager of commercial, institutional buildings, retail space, hospitality, or office buildings? My Sun Grid Liquid NanoTint solar control glass coating allows you to increase energy efficiency and savings by reducing your consumption of air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.

  • energy-savings
    Energy Savings
  • comfort
  • uv-protection
    UV Protection
  • max-light
    Maximum Visible Light

No spills, no smearing, and no drips during our simple application by MySunGrid NanoTint certified professionals.

Case Study

Client: University of Idaho
Date: 2015-2019
Location: Moscow, ID

Challenge: University of Idaho experienced uncomfortably hot conditions in their buildings during the summer months due to a lack of central air conditioning.

Solution: Liquid NanoTint was applied to single-pane glass in one of the affected buildings and reduced room temperature up to 20ºF.

“(Liquid NanoTint) is the best thing since sliced bread“ ~ Fred Pollard, University of Idaho Resource Conservation Manager

“The chart below shows that the tinted glass was blocking 20 degrees of heat when the sun was shining. The Nanotint is the most cost effective compared to the other solutions we proposed, because of no installation or maintenance costs. NanoTint is also the most applicable option for other university buildings because it is simple to integrate.”
~ University of Idaho

Case Study

Client: Los Angeles City Hall
Date: 2016
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Challenge: Los Angeles City Hall’s old single-pane glass provided no UV or Infrared protection to the Deputy Mayor’s Office.

Solution: Liquid NanoTint was applied to the office windows providing 100% UV protection and 95% IR rejection.

“With a thermometer reading the ambient air, there was a 5.5 degree temperature drop today at the desk where the sun does not directly hit, and a 7 degree drop on the windowsill directly in the sun. Very impressive. Also, the high today is 88 versus 72 on the day when I took those readings. So it appears to be effective.”
~ Michael Samulon, Los Angeles Sustainability Officer for Mayor Eric Garcetti

Case Study

Client: Petrossian – West Hollywood
Date: 2016
Location: West Hollywood, CA

Challenge: Petrossian’s central air conditioning could not keep up with the heat associated with morning sun exposure.

Solution: Liquid NanoTint was used to coat approximately 50% of the glass of Petrossian Restaurant. After the coating, the restaurant with no A/C on showed a temperature reduction of approximately 15ºF.

Case Study

Client: Canyon Middle School
Date: 2018
Location: Castro Valley, CA

Challenge: Canyon Middle School was experiencing 85-95ºF temperatures indoors.

“The two rooms have a 9ºF differential, at 5 pm. The temperature in the room with Nano insulation is: 73.5ºF The temperature in the room without the Nano insulation is: 82.4ºF This reading was done after the 2 rooms have been exposed to direct western sun the entire afternoon without shading. This could represent significant energy savings in summer months as the air conditioning load will be reduced.”
~ Yan Boon-Long, Architect/Project Manager, DSK Architects

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