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Anti-Graffiti Shield



Anti-Graffiti does not allow paints and other liquids to penetrate porous or painted surfaces. Anti-Graffiti provides a cost-effective and environmentally safe way to protect assets from vandalism. It creates an invisible and impenetrable sacrificial barrier that will allow for graffiti to be removed without the need for toxic solvents – only hot water. In addition, the coating increases longevity of porous and painted surfaces by providing protection against moisture, humidity and weathering and will not break down due to extreme temperatures or exposure to UV light.


1 Gallon: 420 ft2



  • shield-1-1

    No change in appearance or feel of the substrate

  • shield-1-1

    Prevents penetration of water or oil based liquids and paints

  • shield-1-1

    Protects from stains and soiling

  • shield-1-1

    Exhibits a non-stick characteristic

  • shield-1-1

    Invisible sacrificial protective barrier

  • shield-1-1

    Does not require use of toxic paint removers (solvent based or other)

  • shield-1-1

    Prevents sticking of chewing gum and unwanted decals/posters

  • shield-1-1

    Protects against atmospheric pollution

  • shield-1-1

    Protects against UV damage

  • shield-1-1

    Prevents weather damage

  • shield-1-1

    Freeze/Thaw protection

  • shield-1-1

    Safe and non-toxic

  • shield-1-1


  • shield-1-1


Where to use:

  • Real and Artificial stone

  • Concrete

  • Cinder blocks

  • Ceramics

  • Plaster

  • Bricks

  • Limestone

  • Sandstone

  • Painted surfaces

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