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LumActiv® Air Purifying Coating



Drywired LumActiv® combines the air-cleaning properties of titanium dioxide (TiO2) photocatalysis with advances in nanotechnology. The coating works by activating hydroxyl radicals during photocatalysis to break down harmful organic airborne pollutants and VOCs on any surface thereby improving air quality and reducing malodor.

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  • shield-1-1

    Triggered by light energy, organic compounds decompose on a molecular level

  • shield-1-1

    Creates a super hydrophilic surface allowing water to wash away contaminants

  • shield-1-1

    Reduced need for building cleaning and maintenance as dust is decomposed

  • shield-1-1

    Improves air quality in dense urban environments

  • shield-1-1

    Mold and fungus prevention on building facades

  • shield-1-1

    Can be applied toward LEED credits for air quality

  • shield-1-1

    Solvent-free & non-toxic

  • shield-1-1

    Create healthier work & home environment

  • shield-1-1

    Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100 nm)

  • shield-1-1

    Temperature resistant up to 1,800ºC

Where to use:

  • Concrete

  • Glass

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Textile

  • Polymers

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