Drywired RP111 is a dual-component multi-functional permanent primer that can be applied to any hard surfaces including direct-to-metal (DTM), direct-to-rust and direct-to-FRP. RP111 stops the oxidation process once properly applied to rusted metal.


5 Gallon: 1,200 ft2

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    25% cementitious yet forms strong bonds to nearly all hard surfaces

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    Adhesion is maintained on surfaces with rust

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    Maintains flexibility, bending as much as 90 degrees without cracking or lifting when properly applied

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    Can be applied to “live” surfaces that expand and contract due to internal pressure changes or external influences

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    No abrasive blasting or grinding is required prior to application- power washing and degreasing is adequate

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    Low VOC (< 17g / Liter)

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    Approved for continued warranty coverage for use with Sherman Williams and Carboline top coats

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    Saves maintenance costs and the need to replace materials

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    Extreme temperature resistance (-80ºF to +500ºF)

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    Easy application and clean-up

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Where to use:

  • Float glass

  • Architectural glass

  • Automotive glass

  • Porcelains

  • Ceramic glaze

  • Zirconia

  • Soda-Lime glass

  • Photochromic glass