The XPOWER F-16 ULV Cold Fogger is a lightweight, compact ULV (ultra-low volume) fogging machine that gives maximum coverage while using minimal solution, for a wide range of jobs.

500W Motor

The XPOWER F-16 Cold Fogger is simple to use, with a toggle 2-speed power switch and variable dial for flow control. Quickly apply your solution in a variety of settings including commercial spaces, schools, hospitals, care facilities, food service environments, and more.

Easily fill the reservoir and monitor the fluid level through the convenient window. Compact, yet holds 54 fluid ounces.

Mutliple Uses

The XPOWER F-16 can be used in a wide variety of jobsites such as offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, food service environments, senior centers, theaters, public transportation, in barns, stables, and more.

Additional Specifications

  • Tank Capacity: 54 fl. oz. (1600 ml)
  • Flow Rate: 250 ml/minute
  • Average Droplet Size: < .50 micron
  • Spray Distance: 30+ Feet
  • Power Cord: 20 Feet
  • Chemicals: Disinfectants, insecticides, biocides, deodorants, fungicides, repellents, sanitizers, and more.

Note: Read all chemical product labels carefully to ensure they can be applied using a fogger. Not for use with flammable or corrosive chemicals



The XPower F-16 ULV Disinfectant Cold Fogger offers you ultimate performance in a small package. Featuring a lightweight and compact design, this unit is ideal for full coverage for office, restaurants/food services, schools, hospitals, senior centers, pet boarding, greenhouse, commercial properties, and more. With a convenient 25ft. power cord and 54 fl. oz. reservoir, the F-16 fogging machine will handle all your project/jobsite needs with ease. It features a 2-speed, 500 watt motor, and an adjustable nozzle producing average droplet size of less than 50 micron. The easy fill reservoir incorporates a tight cap and a reservoir level window to monitor your liquid levels. Applying disinfectants, sanitizers, and other solutions has never been easier than with an XPOWER fogger. With its extended spray distance and ultra-small droplet size, this compact versatile unit is an industry leading choice for all your fogging needs.